Carola Minincleri Colussi

Multidisciplinary artists, writer, theater director, actress, performer, performance designer, concepteuse, and corporate cultural director. She graduated in Literature from the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice with a thesis on the contamination of languages and she studied Theatre in Milan at Quelli di Grock school, specialized in Bologna at the school of Jodorowsky’s archetypal theatre. She founded Light – Corporate Culture and Concept Art in April 2006, and  in december of the same year, with Gianmarco Busetto, the theatre company Farmacia Zooè, with which has collaborated for fifteen years, until 2021, writing and producing numerous plays and curating the project for actors under 35. She conceived and curates the artistic direction of youTHeater, multidisciplinary cultural project dedicated to the youth at Teatro del Parco of Mestre, Venice. She is professor of emotive competency, focusing on nonverbal language, for the students of the Nursing school at University of Padova. She has participated in the education for artists in Sensitive Dance of Claude Coldy. She has conducted research dedicated to cultural innovation, for the university of Ca’ Foscari, Venice, H-FARM and H-CAMPUS, Fondazione Ca’ Foscari, Unismart Fondazione Università di Padova, Confindustria Venice and numerous industries. She also focused on studies and paths of creative training of emotional intelligence and nonverbal communication and presentation management. She was mentor and docent of communication at the Master Universitario MA.D.E. (MasterLab in Digital Economis & Entrepreneurship) curated by Digital Accademia. She’s collaborating at the project Digital Venus an incubator of digital artists that are sensitive to the impact of the digital transition on the health of people and the planet with its own NFT ethical platform for digital art creations exchange, installed in Villa Moscheni Volpi, a villa veneta located in Riviera del Brenta. Amongst her passions: nature and animals, cultural-anthropological travels mainly in Asia and South America. Between 5th and 25th December 2017, she crossed the Atlantic Ocean on a sailboat. She lives in the countryside, in Italy, in Treviso province along the Sile river.