The first cookie bar with active legal monitoring.

Ensuring full compliance with GDPR goes beyond simply implementing a cookie bar on your website. To achieve true compliance, it is crucial to have a lawyer review and verify the accurate categorization of cookies within the cookie bar. The categorization of cookies determines the level of user consent required and the associated privacy implications. A lawyer with expertise in data protection and privacy laws can help assess whether the categorization aligns with the specific requirements outlined in the GDPR. This legal scrutiny provides confidence in the cookie management practices and helps organizations mitigate risks, avoid potential penalties, and maintain compliance with GDPR regulations.

Unlike all other automatic platforms, Cookie4 does not require any configuration because it is the law firm that takes care of this aspect. The only thing you will need to do is install a script on your website or Google Tag Manager: the cookies will be intercepted and blocked without you having to do anything else except following the guidelines.

Configuring the cookie bar with the assistance of a law firm is crucial to ensure compliance with legal requirements and protect user privacy. A law firm specializing in data protection and privacy laws possesses the necessary expertise to accurately assess and categorize cookies, taking into account the specific legal obligations under regulations such as GDPR. They can provide guidance on obtaining valid user consent, defining cookie purposes, and implementing appropriate cookie settings. By involving a law firm in the configuration process, businesses can have confidence that their cookie practices align with legal standards, minimize potential legal risks, and prioritize user privacy rights.

Cookie4 includes a consent register configured and maintained in compliance with the current regulations. It issues monthly compliance reports and alerts you when a legal review is required. It independently blocks cookies, can be translated into English, automatically updates to adhere to regulations, conducts monthly website scans, and legally verifies the scan results.

The price is small, the benefits are numerous.